Laboratory of Culture’s research area contains two journals (Laboratory of Culture and Culture’s Study) and a number of projects on the boundries of scientific, educational and artistic activity joined by a similar cognitive perspective.


Laboratory of Culture

Laboratory of Culture is a journal edited by workers, associates and PhD students affiliated with the University of Silesia’s Theory and History of Culture Faculty.

By choosing the way of controlled experiment, we attempt to discover an adequate formula for the purpose of reflecting upon the boundry  between cultural studies and cultural anthropology. We are proposing an in-depth reflection of  the theory of culture, methodology, and the practice of research on culture. The ultimate shape of the journal will be determined in the near future.  For now, we have chosen a strategy of returning to key texts and names, in order to draw borders of our anthropological research. We commence with their re-interpretation, heading in an exploratory direction, while still deliberately trying to define the shape of our interpretative laboratory perspective.


Culture’s Study

The subjectmatter of the Culture’s Study journal varies from cultural anthropology, theory of culture, cultural history and philosophy of culture. Culture’s Study is less restricted by  academic conventions than Laboratory of Culture, although the journal  aims to preserve the academic standard of publications, which is why the way of a neverending experiment was chosen. It is aimed to be a title accepting well-considered methodological forms, as well as loose, undisciplined impressions. We intend to make this journal return to classics, while  also constantly looking ahead. We plan to  raise the value of theory, and include  reports on specific events affecting global and local culture. The journal  is open to scientific texts, but also essays, artistic work, photography, and all other forms of expression.

The Study will maintain a certain polyphony of voices, open up the area of cultural studies and cultural anthropology for  new voices, and break the walls between the two.



Laboratory of Culture is not only determined by two journals, but also a wide range of activities initiated by us and focusing on the boundries of scientific, educational, and artistic creativity. While carrying out the ventures within the created research area, we want to establish a platform for debate and cooperation between the academic environment and creators of grassroots initiatives focused on preserving the comprehensive thinking of culture. By creating a group consisting of practitioners and theorists– cultural studies experts, anthropologists, philosophers and cultural historians, research workers, PhD students and undergraduate students, volunteer activists, people affiliated with artistic academies, educators and culture operators – we wish to initiate reflection, and a variety of activities allowing the practice of theory and the theorizing of practices. Thus, in our research area, there is a place for workshops, meetings, lectures, debates and field trips.

Our other goal is the promotion and popularization of educational and artistic work. Therefore, we attempt to inform our readers and patrons about valuable projects created by affiliated institutions. We also await information about new initiatives linked to the principal ideas of our journals – we will gladly put them under our patronage.